The Australian College of Health Informatics Fellowship Program is recruiting new candidates and interested host organisations. To facilitate the process, they needed printed material and three web pages updated with all the necessary information and forms.

Visit them here ACHI Fellowship Program

ACHI Fellowship web pages

Fellowship Web Pages

ACHI A4 Prospectus

A4 Prospectus

Web Page Design
Fact Sheets

If you are looking for design and marketing support for your business I would highly recommend the services of Red Jacket Creative. Merie has an excellent grasp of our brand and audience, and her work reflects this. She has designed several printed pieces of marketing collateral for ACHI and she has further developed our website to reflect the growth of one of our programs. Merie shares her experienced and informed point of view in a collaborative and professional manner. She is a strong communicator and is creative in her approach to design and functionality. It was a pleasure to work with Merie and I am confident we will work together on future projects.

Leanne Bamford Barnes

ACHI Fellowship Program Manager, Australian College of Health Informatics