If you’re wondering what to expect from the design process, this will give you an idea. Please remember it’s not a one-size-fits-all scenario. Every project is unique and some may need a slightly different approach. I’m here to talk through any questions you may have. 

1. Introduction & Brief

Depending on the size and nature of your project it may be necessary to complete a briefing questionnaire. It’s a great opportunity for me to get to know you and your brand and understand how you’d like to be perceived by your target audience. This stage is critical to ensure you’re supplied with spot-on concepts.

2. quote APPROVal

No two projects are the same. For this reason it’s important to agree on the cost beforehand. Depending on the size and scope of your project, you may be requested to pay a deposit. An approved quote and, if applicable the paid deposit, means we’re good to go!

3. Time to get creative

This is where the magic happens! It starts with brainstorming and thumbnails and once the plan looks solid, it progresses to the computer. This process takes time. Yes, you can rush it, but you shouldn’t! I’m a stickler for deadlines, so you can expect to see a first concept on the agreed date.

4. Draft & Revisions

I send you a first draft or initial concepts, based on the contents of the brief. The better the brief, the more spot on the first draft will be. Now we discuss and refine so we end up with the perfect solution.

5. Wrapping up

By now you’ll be super excited about what this design can do for your business. Whether it’s a whole new identity or a piece of marketing collateral to target the right customer, get ready to get noticed! Once you’ve approved the final design, I’ll send you an invoice and upon payment, you’ll receive the final artwork.



Is a logo even important?

A logo, as part of your brand identity (the style, colours and graphics that accompany and support your logo), ties all your marketing efforts together. Inconsistency in how you present your brand, from one campaign to the next, mean that every effort stands alone. Using a representative logo and consistent brand guidelines act like layers of paint to solidify your presence in the marketplace. It connects with your ideal audience and consistent use builds their trust.

Why do I need a professionally designed logo?

Maybe you don’t. Wait! What? That’s right. Depending on your business and your target market, you may not need it. If you want to communicate that your product or service is the economical option – the one that will just do a quick fix for now – you may not need a professionally designed logo. However, if you want to tell your audience that you are in it for the long haul, that your brand is solid and trustworthy and here to stay, you’ll want it to look the part. A professionally designed logo also means you’re provided with all the file types you need to splash that beauty across all collateral, whether it’s print, the web or social media.

Why can’t I just get it done on Fiverr? It’s so much cheaper.

True, it will save you money in the short run. But if you’d like this logo to represent all that your brand is about and target the perfect audience, you’ll want to talk with the designer. You’ll want to explain the path you took to get where you are, the essence of what you do, the values that you uphold, your ideal target audience and the future aspirations for your brand. You’ll also want to get it 100% right. Money spent on, and with, a logo that ‘will do for now’, and may need an overhaul later, is money (and time) wasted.

Why does it take two weeks?

Because we have much to talk and think about. Once we have direction we have the conceptual phase (lots of thumbnails sketches and coffee) to develop two or three versions of the logo that will answer all aspects of the brief. Next follows the crafting stage where the concepts are developed on computer and presented to you. With your feedback, we develop the concepts further, if needed, to create the very best solution possible. Two or three weeks may seem like a long time, but measuring it against the years you’ll be using your logo and money spent promoting it, it’s vital we get it right.


How much does a website cost?

It’s impossible to answer this question until we’ve had a chance to talk about it. How many pages and how much information will your website have? What type of functionality do you need? Feel free to contact us or book a free consultation at a time that suits if you’d like to talk it through.

How long does it take to build a website?

This depends on the size of your website and about how much of the groundwork has been done. Is all the content ready? Do you need help with finding images? A basic 4-6 page website takes around 2 weeks.

Do you use WordPress?

Yes, we love WordPress. Not only is WordPress free, but it’s very well supported and keeps growing. 42.5% of websites worldwide are built with WordPress. Finding a well developed and supported theme (these are mostly paid) makes it super easy to use and maintain.


What is the best format for my brochure or flyer?

This depends on what you want to communicate and what your budget is. There are so many options available and knowing exactly what you’d like to achieve helps to narrow it down. Contact us or book a free consultation if you’d like some advise or would like to talk through your options.

What is a Hi-Res image and why can’t I just print something that I found on the internet?

Hi-res images have a resolution of 300dpi (amount of pixels or dots squeezed into an inch) or more. Printers need a high resolution image to print clearly, whilst 72dpi or 96dpi is all that’s needed for a clear picture on the screen. This means that if you see an image roughly 10cm wide on screen, you’ll only be able to print it at 2.4cm wide to achieve the same clear result.


What do I need to know before we start?

Check out the terms and conditions here.


If you’d like to tell us about your project, this form will provide us with a good starting point. It will provide the background for our follow-up call. Your information is safe with us and will never be shared with third parties.

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