Why Red Jacket?


You may be wondering about ‘Red Jacket’ and why the name is significant.

A little over 10 years ago, I started this journey – super enthusiastic about helping every single business to excel. It didn’t take long to understand that the competition was savage in almost every industry, including my own. Helping businesses stand out would need some serious sleeve-rolling and finding a name to distinguish my own business was probably harder than anything.

It happened one chilly winter morning – a few weeks after I decided to go solo. I was driving down one of the beautiful green, leafy roads that we’re so lucky to have on Sydney’s North Shore when something caught my eye:  a man in a bright red jacket, putting his bins out. 😀

And that was it. I realised that it was what any business needed – to get noticed. Without catching the attention of your target audience, often on the fly, you’re invisible.  And that’s what the right design solution should achieve for your business.


 What to expect when working with Red Jacket


Choosing a graphic designer can be a challenging task. With so many options available from large design studios and freelancers to online options like Fiver or 99Designs. It’s no wonder some businesses decide to just have a go at creating their own collateral. Here’s what’s guaranteed when you choose to work with Red Jacket Creative.

  • Our design solutions are tailored to suit your unique brand objectives. There’s no such thing as ‘one size fits all’. Each project has its own objective and target market, meaning each project is approached with a fresh eye.
  • You will always be our first priority. When we commit to working with you on a project, you can expect frequent and timely communication.
  • We ask loads of questions. No, we’re not (just) curious. We’d like to know all there is to know about your brand and how you’d like it to be represented. The more information we have about your values, your brand, your target market, and goals, the better we can tailor a design solution to achieve your desired outcome. Here are some of the questions you can expect.
  • We’re sticklers for a deadline. Once we give you a date to expect a design concept or artwork, you can bank on it.

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No matter the size of your design project, we can help. Red Jacket Creative collaborates with design professionals, photographers, videographers, copywriters, printers and more to bring you the perfect design solution for your business.

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